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A review of current scientific journal articles for on-line community discussion. 

March 2017 Journal ClubDassner AM, Nicolau DP, Girotto JE. Management of pneumonia in the pediatric critical care unit: an area for antimicrobial stewardship. Curr Pediatr Rev 2016 (published online Dec 4)

January 2017 Journal Club Hersh AL, Fleming-Dutra KE, Shapiro DJ, et al. Frequency of first-line antibiotic selection among US ambulatory care visits for otitis media, sinusitis, and pharyngitis. JAMA Intern Med 2016 (published online Oct 24)

October 2016 Journal ClubYu D, Stach L, Newland JG, et al. Integrating a rapid diagnostic test and antimicrobial stewardship: optimizing discharge antibiotics in skin and soft tissue infections. Pediatr Infect Dis J 2016 (published online Sep 19)


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