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Apr 28, 2017
polio vaccine supplies

WHO vaccine advisors weigh in on polio, cholera, Ebola, diphtheria

Experts made more recommendations about fractional IPV dosing and also discussed issued related to cholera, Ebola, and diphtheria.

Apr 26, 2017
Liberia map

Ebola ruled out in unexplained Liberian deaths

A WHO official said the hospital cluster involves 17 illnesses, 9 of them fatal, and specimens from 6 people who died tested negative for Ebola.

Apr 19, 2017

News Scan for Apr 19, 2017

Saudi MERS case
Wolbachia trial launch
Federal interagency preparedness drill
Apr 14, 2017
Ebola worker

Huge genome study dissects Ebola outbreak's spread

About 4% of patients traveled, a potential target for curbing disease spread.

Apr 12, 2017
Ebola research

Report highlights Ebola research hurdles, recommends steps

The CEPI model could play a role, the experts say.

Apr 10, 2017

News Scan for Apr 10, 2017

African Zika circulation
Chikungunya spike
Carbapenem-resistant E cloacae
Resistant Klebsiella
Ebola studies
Pneumonia and sedatives
Apr 06, 2017
Ebola vaccine trial

Large trial launches of different Ebola vaccine strategies

The phase 2 trials will enroll more than 5,000 adults and kids in Guinea and Liberia.

Mar 14, 2017
Ebola vaccination

Prime-boost Ebola vaccine yields immune response at 1 year

A prime-boost regimen in clinical trials shows immune response 1 year after vaccination.

Mar 01, 2017

News Scan for Mar 01, 2017

Flu antivirals in pregnancy
Ebola deaths
Aedes aegypti and Zika
Feb 28, 2017

News Scan for Feb 28, 2017

Zika study rejected
Asymptomatic Ebola
MERS cases
CEPI names CEO
Biosecurity lab in China

Resources & Literature


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Last updated May 29, 2015

Latest Cases and General Information
Ebola virus
Situation update (WHO) (May 29, 2015)
Updated case counts (CDC) (May 29, 2015)
Updated travel notice: Liberia (CDC) (May 4, 2015)
You've survived Ebola: What's next? (CDC) (May 1, 2015)

Ebola survivors: Read this before you have sex (CDC brochure) (Apr 21, 2015)
Pushed to the Limit and Beyond: A Year into the Largest Ever Ebola Outbreak  (MSF) (Mar 23, 2015)
Systems for rapidly detecting and treating persons with Ebola—US (CDC) (Mar 3, 2015)

White House Ebola response fact sheet (Feb 11, 2015)
Preventing Ebola by screening travelers (Feb 5 , 2015)
Cumulative reported cases graph (CDC) (Feb 19, 2015)
Situation roadmap (WHO) (Feb 18, 2015)
Travel health notices (CDC) (Feb 19, 2015)
One year into the Ebola epidemic (WHO) (Jan 2015)
How to talk with your children about Ebola (CDC) (Nov 20, 2014)
Q & A on monitoring and movement (CDC) (Dec 16, 2014)
How Ebola is Spread (CDC) (Nov 1, 2014)
West Africa outbreak page from CDC
Ebola visualizations by Maimuna Majumder, MPH
Virology Down Under Ebola disease page
Virology Down Under Ebola maps
Ebola outbreak map from HealthMap
Q & A about Ebola and pets from CDC (Nov 12, 2014)

Resources for Healthcare Volunteers

CDC: Ebola advice for humanitarian aid organizations (Dec 11)
CDC: Ebola advice for humanitarian aid workers (Dec 11)
NIOSH: The buddy system (Dec 12, 2014)
CDC: Best practices for procuring PPE (Nov 20, 2014)
WHO: Rapid advice guideline on PPE (Oct 2014)
MSF: Protocols for staff returning from Ebola-affected countries (Oct 23, 2014)
USAID: Medical volunteering (Oct 7, 2014)
CDC: Safety training course for healthcare workers in West Africa (Oct 6, 2014)
Travel grants for health workers attending CDC training 
WHO: Safe delivery services for mothers and newborns in Ebola outbreak areas (Nov 26, 2014)
See more below under CDC

Health Agency Documents

World Health Organization (WHO)

Situation update (May 11, 2015)
Ebola Interim Assessment Panel: Report by the Secretariat (May 8, 2015)
One year into the Ebola epidemic (Jan 2015)
Situation roadmap (WHO) (Feb 18, 2015)
Statement from Travel and Transport Task Force (Nov 7, 2014)
Fact sheet
Ebola page
Frequently asked questions (Aug 8, 2014)
Infection prevention and control guidance summary (Aug 2014)
Travel and transport risk assessment (Sep 2014) 
Clinical management of patients (Apr 2014)
Protective measures for medical staff (Oct 3, 2014)
Interim guidance on event management at points of entry (Sep 2014)
Case definition recommendations (Aug 9, 2014)
Ebola and food safety (Aug 24, 2014)
Experimental vaccines (Oct 1, 2014)
Ebola Preparedness Checklist (Oct 30, 2014)
Ebola virus in semen of men recovered from Ebola (Nov 26, 2014)

United Nations

UNMEER: Ebola funding—Liberia (Nov 17, 2014)
UNMEER: Ebola funding—Sierra Leone (Nov 17, 2014)
UNMEER: Ebola funding—Guinea (Nov 17, 2014)
World Food Programme video: Keeping the Ebola crisis from becoming a food crisis (Oct 29, 2014)
UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER)
UNICEF waste management guidance (Sep 26, 2014)
FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN) Ebola page
FAO response summary (Oct 2014) 

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

General resources
What to know about Ebola for Liberians living in the US (Apr 22, 2015)
What to know about Ebola for Guineans living in the US (Apr 22, 2015)
What to know about Ebola for Sierra Leonians living in the US (Apr 22, 2015)
Ebola survivors: Read this before you have sex (CDC brochure) (Apr 21, 2015)
Getting to zero (video) (Apr 6, 2015)
CDC podcast on risk to pets (Mar 19, 2015)
Information for families and loved ones of responders (Mar 13, 2015)
Key messages for safe school operations in countries with outbreaks of Ebola (Feb 25, 2015)
Q & A about Ebola for US businesses, employers, and business travelers (Feb 23, 2015)
Cumulative reported cases graph (CDC) (Feb 19, 2015)
Q & A re transport of pediatric patients with suspected or confirmed Ebola (Feb 2, 2105)
Interim table of state Ebola screening and monitoring policies (Jan 8, 2015)
Latest MMWR update (CDC) (Dec 19, 2014)
Ebola response team fact sheet (Dec 2, 2014)
Why Ebola is not likely to become airborne (Dec 1, 2014)
Ebola page
Questions and answers (Oct 8, 2014)
Case definitions (Sep 4, 2014)
West Africa outbreak page
Democratic Republic of the Congo outbreak page
Summary of human-to-human transmission (Oct 17, 2014)
Information on cleaning and decontamination (Nov 10, 2014)
Communication resources for West African communities (Nov 20)
Ebola fact sheet for West Africans living in the US (Nov 17)
Survivability of Ebola virus in medical waste (Nov 20)

Guidance documents
Interim advice on the sexual transmission of Ebola (May 8, 2015)
Interim guidance for cruise ships: managing a suspected case of Ebola onboard (Apr 8, 2015)
Guidance for US labs for managing and testing clinical specimens when there is concern about Ebola
(Feb 3, 2015)

Interim recommendations for flu vaccination and post-exposure chemoprophylaxis in people being monitored for potential Ebola virus exposure (Jan 26, 2015)
Interim guidance for US businesses, employers, and business travelers to prevent Ebola exposure (Jan 23, 2015)
Guidance for ambulance providers in Ebola-infected countries (Jan 14, 2015)
Ebola must go: bury all dead bodies safely (Dec 23, 2014)
Procedures for safe handling and management of Ebola-associated waste (Dec 12, 2014)
Interim guidance for handling untreated sewage from Ebola patients in the US (Nov 20, 2014)
FAQs on interim guidance for managers and workers handling untreated sewage from suspected or confirmed individuals with Ebola in the US  (Dec 16, 2014)
Interim guidance for EMS and 911 systems (Dec 2, 2014)
Screening and caring for pregnant Ebola patients (Nov 12, 2014)
Interim guidance for residence decontamination and removal of contaminated waste (Nov 3, 2014)
Revised interim guidance for monitoring and movement of people with potential Ebola exposure (Oct 27, 2014)
Monitoring symptoms and controlling movement to stop the spread of Ebola (Oct 27)
Guidance for donning and doffing PPE (Oct 20, 2014)
Interim guidance for limiting heat burden when wearing PPE (Oct 17, 2014)
Interim guidance for specimen collection (Oct 6, 2014)
Interim guidance on compliance with select agent regulations (Sep 8, 2014)
Guidance for safe handling of human remains of Ebola patients (Aug 25, 2014)
Interim guidance for environmental infection control in hospitals (Oct 3, 2014)

Resources for healthcare workers
Preparing healthcare workers to work in Ebola treatment units in Africa: Training toolkit announcement (Feb 19, 2015)
Ebola preparedness: Emergency Department training modules (Feb 17, 2015)
Non-CDC lab resources for Ebola (Jan 30, 2015)
Considerations for US healthcare facilities to ensure adequate supplies of PPE for Ebola preparedness (Dec 31, 2014)
Interim guidance for frontline US healthcare facilities for potential Ebola patients (Dec 2, 2014)
Interim guidance for US hospitals for potential Ebola patients: a tiered approach (Dec 2, 2014)
Best practices for procuring PPE (Nov 20, 2014)
Hand hygiene in non-ETU healthcare settings in West Africa (Nov 13)
Mixing and using chlorine solutions in non-ETU healthcare settings in West Africa (Nov 13)
Respiratory protection video (Nov 10, 2014)
Infection control in countries with widespread Ebola (Nov 3)
Algorithm for ambulatory care evaluation of patients with possible Ebola (Oct 31, 2014) 
Considerations for discharging persons under investigation for Ebola (Oct 30)
Algorithm for emergency department management of patients with suspected Ebola (Oct 27, 2014)
Fact sheet on hospital preparedness (Oct 14, 2014)
Caring for patients under investigation for Ebola (Oct 20, 2014)
Disease information for clinicians (Oct 4, 2014)
Healthcare facility preparedness checklist for EVD
Healthcare provider preparedness checklist for EVD
EMS checklist for Ebola preparedness
Checklist for healthcare coalitions for Ebola preparedness
Information for healthcare workers (Oct 6, 2014)
Health Alert Network (HAN) advisory for healthcare workers (Oct 2, 2014)
Ebola preparedness for US healthcare system (webinar with ASPR) (Sep 29, 2014)
Infection prevention and control recommendations (Oct 6, 2014)
Sequence for removing personal protective equipment
Fact sheet on surge (Sep 16, 2014)

Travel/flight information
Updated travel notice: Liberia (CDC) (May 4, 2015)
Interim guidance for cruise ships: managing a suspected case of Ebola onboard (Apr 8, 2015)
Travel health notices (Feb 19, 2015)
Recommendations about international travel for education purposes and the Ebola outbreak in West Africa (Jan 20, 2015)
Interim guidance for cleaning, disinfection, and waste disposal in commercial passenger aircraft (Dec 18, 2014) 
Information for airlines (Dec 9, 2014)
Information for airports (Dec 4, 2014)
Enhanced airport entry screening and monitoring for people entering US from Mali (Nov 24)
Travel health notices (Nov 16)
Enhanced airport entry screening to begin for travelers to the US from Mali (Nov 16)
Information for Travelers (Nov 3, 2014)
Check and Report Ebola (CARE) kit for travelers arriving in US from West Africa 
Ebola Traveler's Health (Oct 7, 2014)
CDC death and disease reporting tool for pilots (Aug 25, 2014)
Interim guidance for airline crews, cleaning personnel, and cargo personnel (Oct 2, 2014)
Guidance on air medical transport for Ebola patients (Sep 17, 2014)
Guidance for airlines on reporting onboard deaths or illnesses (Aug 25, 2014)
CDC death and disease reporting tool for cabin crew (Aug 25, 2014)

US Government

White House Ebola response fact sheet (Feb 11, 2015)
Preventing the introduction and spread of Ebola in the United States: FAQs (Dec 5, 2014)
FDA Commissioner's statement on agency's involvement with Ebola response (Oct 28)
HHS statement on deployment of US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (Sep 16, 2014)
NLM Disaster Information Management Research Center resource list (Oct 8, 2014) 

Institute of Medicine (IOM) 

Research priorities to inform public health and medical practice for Ebola virus disease—workshop summary (Nov 14, 2014)
Enabling rapid and sustainable public health research during disasters—workshop summary (Nov 14, 2014)
Video from IOM workshop on research priorities for Ebola (Nov 4)

American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)

Interim guidance for public health officials on pets of Ebola contacts (Nov 10, 2014)
Interim guidance for dog or cat quarantine after exposure to a human with confirmed Ebola (Nov 10)
Note: The following resources require AVMA membership or site registration:
Checklist for vets when presented with patient or client with possible Ebola exposure
Handout on Ebola for pet owners 

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)

Safe use of PPE in the treatment of infectious diseases with high consequence (Dec 2, 2014)
Guidance for managing persons who have been exposed (Nov 7, 2014, update)
Public health management of healthcare workers returning from affected areas (Nov 7, 2014)
Guide to medical air evacuation (Oct 23, 2014)
Rapid risk assessment (Oct 15, 2014) 
Case definition
Epidemiological update - West Africa (Oct 3, 2014)
Epidemiological update - Democratic Republic of the Congo (Sep 12, 2014)
Risk of Ebola transmission via donated blood and other substances of human origin (Oct 6, 2014)
Entry and exit screening messages (Oct 13, 2014)

United Kingdom agencies

Public Health England (PHE): Clinical management and guidance for healthcare professionals
National Health Service (NHS): Ebola resource page for consumers

Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC)

Case definition (Aug 23, 2014)
Travel health notice - Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone (Sep 8, 2014)
Travel health notice - Senegal (Sep 5, 2014)
Travel health notice - Nigeria (Sep 8, 2014)
Travel health notice - Democratic Republic of the Congo (Aug 28, 2014)
Interim guidance for infection prevention and control (Sep 12, 2014)
Interim biosafety guidelines for laboratory specimen handling (Aug 22, 2014)
Case report form (Aug 24, 2014)

Federal Ministry of Health (Nigeria)

Ebola Virus Information Unit website
Recent press releases

Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF; Doctors Without Borders)

Pushed to the Limit and Beyond: A Year into the Largest Ever Ebola Outbreak (Mar 23, 2015)

Ministry of Health and Sanitation (Sierra Leone)

Case updates
Situation reports
Frequently asked questions

Ministry of Health & Social Welfare (Liberia)

Main page


Professional Organizations

American College of Chest Physicians (Nov 5, 2014)

Preparing for Ebola (1-hr video)
Critical care of Persons with Ebola in Sierra Leone and at Emory University ( 1-hr 15-minute video)
Opportunities, Lessons Learned, and Future Action Items (48-minute video)


Academic Institutions

IDS (Institute of Development Studies) in conjunction with UK universities: Ebola Response Anthropology Platform
George Washington University: Infographic on ripple effects of Ebola outbreak (Nov 12)
Emory University: Ebola Preparedness Protocols (requires registration)
University of Nebraska Biocontainment Unit: Patient care links



CDC Flipbook: You've survived Ebola: What's next? (May 1, 2015)
CDC children's activity book: Helping people in West Africa (CDC)(Apr 22, 2015)
CDC brochure: Ebola survivors: Read this before you have sex (Apr 21, 2015)
CDC poster: Liberians in the US: Be a hero (Apr 15, 2015)
CDC poster: Guineans in the US: Be a hero (Apr 15, 2015)
CDC poster: Sierra Leoneans in the US: Be a hero (Apr 15, 2015)
CDC poster: Do not travel when sick (Guinea) (Mar 5, 2015)
CDC poster: Do not travel when sick (Liberia) (Mar 5, 2015)
CDC poster: Do not travel when sick (Sierra Leone) (Mar 5, 2015)
CDC poster: How to safely give oral rehydration solution (Dec 9, 2014)
CDC poster: 21-Day investigation of Ebola patient's direct contacts in Guinea (Dec 4, 2014)
CDC slides and video: What you REALLY need to know about Ebola (Nov 25)
CDC poster: 21-Day investigation of Ebola patient's direct contacts—Sierra Leone (Nov 25)
CDC poster: Top 10 things you really need to know about Ebola (Nov 19, 2014)
MEDBOX: Ebola Toolbox
University of Nebraska: Donning & Doffing PPE

World Bank

Ebola Fact Sheet
Economic impact statement

Resources from Journals

Emerging Infectious Diseases: Using lessons learned from previous Ebola outbreaks to inform current risk management (May 2015)
BioMed Central & Springer Ebola Resource Center (open-access articles) (launched Dec 5, 2014)
Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness
special edition on Ebola
Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness: A primer on Ebola for clinicians  (Oct 17, 2014)
Emerging Infectious Diseases
Nature: Ebola by the numbers 
N Engl J Med
The Lancet

PLoS journals


Helen Branswell (@HelenBranswell)
Michael Coston (@Fla_Medic)
ECDC Outbreaks (@ECDC_Outbreaks)
Martin Enserink (@martinenserink)
Jason Gale (@jwgale)
HealthMap.org (@healthmap)
Crawford Kilian (@crof)
Ian M Mackay, PhD (@MackayIM)
Maia Majumder, MPH (@maiamajumder)

Recent Literature

Biava M, Caglioti C, Bordi L, et al. Detection of viral RNA in tissues following plasma clearance from Ebola virus infected patient. PLoS Pathog 2017 Jan 5;13(1):e1006065

Bibby K, Fischer RJ, Casson LW, et al. Disinfection of Ebola virus in sterilized municipal wastewater. PLoS Negl Trop Dis 2017 Feb 1;11(2):e0005299

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Mohammed H, Vandy AO, Stretch R, et al. Sequelae and other conditions in Ebola virus disease survivors, Sierra Leone, 2015. Emerg Infect Dis 2016 (published online Nov 30)

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