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Apr 18, 2017

News Scan for Apr 18, 2017

Zika birth defects in Puerto Rico
MERS in Qatar
Yellow fever in Brazil
Measles travel alerts
Meningitis vaccine shortage
Chikungunya in Pakistan
Mar 28, 2017

News Scan for Mar 28, 2017

New NIH cuts
Yellow fever from Suriname
Measles in Europe
C diff in surgical patients
New chikungunya cases
Food safety in cookbooks
Nov 10, 2016

News Scan for Nov 10, 2016

FluMist investigation findings
Saudi MERS total grows
Measles update
Legionella adaptation
Oct 28, 2016

News Scan for Oct 28, 2016

Deadly measles complication
Meningitis B vaccine impact
NIH Ebola funds
Oct 24, 2016

News Scan for Oct 24, 2016

New Saudi MERS cases
Avian flu in India, Bhutan
Imported malaria profile
Oct 07, 2016

News Scan for Oct 07, 2016

Salmonella from live poultry
High-dose colistin
Vaccines in young kids
Ebola vaccine contract
Polio in Nigeria
Oct 06, 2016

News Scan for Oct 06, 2016

HPV vaccine uptake
Mumps in Arkansas
Amish measles outbreak lessons
Global burden of disease
Sep 27, 2016
Infant vaccination

Americas region first to achieve measles elimination

After a rigorous 6-year review, an expert panel declares the region the first in the world to eliminate the disease.

Sep 21, 2016

News Scan for Sep 21, 2016

Saudi MERS case
HPV vaccine herd immunity
Hong Kong measles-free
Pneumococcal vaccine cost
Aug 08, 2016

News Scan for Aug 08, 2016

H3N2v cases in US
Yellow fever vaccine update
Saudi Arabia MERS case
Anthrax vaccine developments
Measles in Myanmar
AI in Ghana and Denmark
Polio eradication

Resources & Literature

Recent Literature

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