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Apr 28, 2017
polio vaccine supplies

WHO vaccine advisors weigh in on polio, cholera, Ebola, diphtheria

Experts made more recommendations about fractional IPV dosing and also discussed issued related to cholera, Ebola, and diphtheria.

Apr 26, 2017

News Scan for Apr 26, 2017

Raw milk burden
Saudi MERS case
H9N2 case in China
New polio vaccine
Chikungunya in Pakistan
Mar 23, 2017

News Scan for Mar 23, 2017

Antibiotic resistance in the community
Zika testing in pregnancy
Africa polio vaccination
Meningitis outbreak conviction
Mar 15, 2017

News Scan for Mar 15, 2017

Polio case in Pakistan
Antibiotic-resistant eye infections
Feb 23, 2017

News Scan for Feb 23, 2017

More H5N8 outbreaks
Zika testicular shrinkage
Polio still global emergency
Norovirus tracking
Feb 21, 2017

News Scan for Feb 21, 2017

H7N9 cases in China
Poultry worker avian flu exposure
Yemen polio campaign
Multi-disease mosquito vaccine
Feb 01, 2017

News Scan for Feb 01, 2017

More H5N8
Plague cases, treatment
MERS-CoV in camels
Afghanistan polio vaccine drive
Jan 12, 2017

News Scan for Jan 12, 2017

More H7N9 in China
Fractional polio vaccine
Hand washing at fairs
Jan 04, 2017

News Scan for Jan 04, 2017

Pakistani polio campaign
Health workers concerned about MERS
Dec 28, 2016

News Scan for Dec 28, 2016

More Saudi MERS cases
Abx prescription feedback
Pakistan polio update
Chikungunya update

Resources & Literature

Recent Literature

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